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Need mats or skids, call us for a quote! Have mats or skids to sell, we are a buyer too!

PES has inventory across the country. New and used 16' x 18' hardwood digging mats, 30' and 40' bridge mats, and full cut or nominal skids.

PES also offers certified grading services for hardwood mats.
Fax: 918-514-6592

Need design assistance with a specialty pipeline attachment or equipment? Contact PES. We offer assistance at any stage of your project.

PES designed and engineered the PipeVac Lifting System. The PipeVac is a hydraulic-driven vacuum lifting system that utilizes the host machine's auxiliary hydraulics to power the system. The vacuum lifting system for the 21st century is here! The PipeVac is manufactured and exclusively distributed by Sharewell HDD. Contact Sharewell today for additional information, or to request a quote on the PipeVac.

Shawn Lowman, CEO - Pipeline Equipment Solutions, LLC

Proud member of the Pipe Liners Club of Tulsa
Pipe Liners Club of Tulsa