The Goods

Made in the USA?

Is the product you purchase made in the USA? Most people do not know or have never looked, it is too time consuming. at PES we believe in "made in the USA" with a passion! Let us handle those details for you. Place your order with PES and we will ensure that you get USA made products unless it is just not available. As an American we have to cause change by effort. Step 1 is to support our fellow Americans and the product they provide. PES is 100% Grade A Made in the USA!

Why Partner with PES?

The industry is growing more and more competitive so choosing the right partner is huge. PES is the obvious choice for contractors. We want you to be able to call or email us, tell us what you need and forget about it. You can forget about it because you know that PES consistently delivers service. It can be an entire list of equipment and product or just a single item, we will earn your business... every single time!

Pipe... Have Some or Need Some?

If you have left over pipe from your project PES would love the opportunity to purchase it from you. Once a purchase price is agreed upon we will handle the rest; we will load it and get it out of your way immediately! We are interested in any O.D. however prefer the pipe is at least 25' to 30' long, or that the bulk of it is. Alternatively, if you need flume or drill pipe for your project, give us a call. We have most sizes available and ready for immediate shipment. Whether you have pipe or need pipe, PES is the solution!

What the HECK is Going on?

"What the HECK is going on?" Every day I turn on the news or look online and those words come out of my mouth, maybe even in a Rated R version. You can interpret this as political if you want but this is just plain ole common sense. We as a country are allowing a very, very small percentage of our population to change the way things work. That is just stupidity, sorry but it is. The BEST person should get the job for example, regardless of age, color, sex, etc. I used getting a job as an example but this problem has penetrated the very fabric of our country, it is everywhere! I am terrified of where we will end up as a country if change does not start and I mean START RIGHT NOW! Feel free to email me, agree or disagree, I would love to hear from you, A few "USA fun facts": ~ God is real, Jesus is His Son ~ It is Male & Female, there is no 3rd option ~ There is right and wrong, that's it