The Goods - The Man with the Plan

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Hefner and enjoying his presentation. EVERYONE in our industry needs to get on board and help him spread the message. He is on point and has a solid plan to execute. Join his newsletter and learn more at Robert's website, click on or copy and paste the link:

PES, not just Mats & Skids!

PES offers a full line of specialty pipeline equipment as well all the standard stuff too. No matter how big or small your equipment needs are, PES can handle the job. Look no further for competitive pricing and exceptional service!

Tulsa Rig Iron Partnership

PES has joined forces with Tulsa Rig Iron to launch their HPP-150 Hydrostatic Pump Test Package. The HPP-150 is the best system in the industry and at an affordable price too! Contact PES for a quote, systems are available for immediate shipment.

A bridge too far?

Sure timber mats make great air bridges, even at lengths of up to 40' timber mats can be very effective for bridging projects. What about 60', or 90'? Not only can we span a longer distance but these custom bridges will support over 125,000 lbs. with no problem. Call today, we will get you across!